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Help your child learn multiplication with
pictures, stories, rhymes and spatial placement
Multiplication Education teach multiplication the easy way

Created by a teacher to help her students
who struggled to learn multiplication

61 Page digital download you can start using today

Kids will learn the times tables when other methods have failed

Includes independent learning activities

The best way to teach multiplication

Color the characters and listen to or read the stories
Perform activities that utilize right and left brain learning

Multiplication education uses pictures to teach multiplication
Each multiplication fact has a unique story,
rhyme, color and spatial placement

Multiplication Education is great for homeschool

Great for Homeschool

Includes activities that use all learning styles to assure success for all students

Self testing activities encourage independence and self confidence

Download and use today!

What people are saying!

“I have never had anything work like this program does.”Joan Swenson 2nd grade teacher
Use pictures to teach multiplication
“This allows student to master their times tables. It shows that student can have fun while learning”Dr. Katie Barak, Paramount USD
Learn multiplication without

Traditional flash cards are frustrating because every multiplication fact looks the same.

teach multiplication without frustration

because each times table looks different


Teach multiplication with pictures

Each number has a unique position on the grid.

Spatial placement, rhymes, colors and movement make it easy for kids to learn their times table

The Multiplication Education approach to
teaching times tables is different because it uses
color, rhymes and spatial placement to teach multiplication

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Mastering Multiplication is essential for future success in
Math and Science

teach times tables with pictures

times tables

unique product

Multiplication Education

  • Best way to teach your child multiplication. 
  • 61 page digital download. 
  • Purchase today, start using today
  • Teach times tables with pictures