Learn with Pictures


I was working with a boy who was struggling to learn his times tables. He was using standard flash cards but became frustrated when he wasn’t learning. He protested, “those flash cards all look the same!”

He was right.

To a visual learner, every flash card
“looks” the same. The numbers are the same color, placed in the same pattern.



We raise our kids with pictures
So why don’t we teach our kids with pictures?

Here is a page from the book. Each colored number has a designated place on the grid, so each times table “looks” different.

In this picture, 4 Roar and 6 Swan are playing tug of war. 6 Swan becomes tired and says,”This tug of war makes me plenty sore!” Plenty sore sounds like 24, so 4×6 is 24. These simple and sometimes silly rhymes and pictures will teach your child their times tables.
The book includes a different story and rhyme for each multiplication fact.

This method has been proven effective time and time again.

It is simple. Use pictures, colors and rhymes to teach.